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If you win a game, are you the best?

Probably, and as most do, if you play poker think you’re good. As always, it all depends on who you compare yourself with.

Maybe you are the best player in your home, or even in your group of friends. After all, to win a game you do not need to be the perfect poker player , it is enough that you are the best at the table.

In the words of one of the best poker players in Spain ” Win once, does not mean you will always win .”

The best poker players in history at both traditional tables and online poker are mostly Americans and northern Europe . This fact is not surprising if we consider that in Spain this game has not been as well known or popular until a few years ago.

We know that there are hundreds of good poker players. Yes, you among them. We have made a small selection of the best taking into account their trajectories.

How have we selected the best poker players in history?

Choosing the best poker player in history is not an easy task. Among so many options you can feel somewhat lost when choosing. But don’t worry, that’s what we are for!

What do we mean by this? In a nutshell, we make sure to show you the best poker players in history in a clear way on our website.

In this article you will find a selection of what we consider to be the best poker players in history. Keep in mind that this list has been created by us at our own discretion as we hope it can help you when considering one or the other. In the end, you can only tell which player you like best!

Stu Ungar

It is not the first time that we have talked about this New York poker player in Kelbet  , and in terms of poker terms, Stu Ungar is a clear reference .

Since childhood, “The child” pointed ways. With only 15 years he won $ 10,000 in a great tournament held in New York.

Many years would pass until the whopping $ 100,000 was pocketed – in a 10 against 1 game – to millionaire Bob Stupak.

With three wins at the WSOP,  Stu Ungar was always a great player, so much that he turned against him. It was impossible for him to win, and not because he had worsened his way of playing, but because in most cases no one wanted to face him. The fear spread in such a way that some casinos came to ban entry for life.

The bad life that the player led caused him to die in November 1988 in Las Vegas.

Doyle brunson

American from the state of Texas is considered, along with Amarillo Slim, one of the parents of modern poker . When poker was still banned and was considered a game of thugs, Brunson and Slim formed a society to travel and be able to play together in different places.

With countless prizes – and money – behind him, the American has always led to chivalry and good behavior in this world of cards.

Always with his hat and a smile on his face, we hope he still gives us a lot to talk about.

Anecdote : Doyle Brunson was about to sign for the Los Angeles Lakers, but a knee injury prevented him and led him to devote himself to full-time poker.

If you want to see Brunson in full action, we leave you a two-minute video in which he wins his tenth bracelet at the WSOP.

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