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 And you, what do you want to be when you grow up? Grinder.

If you like poker and move in your world, you have probably heard the term grinder on more than one occasion , but do you already know what it means?

Asking the Google translator may in some cases – in a few cases – be a good idea, but certainly not in this one. Although the term can be translated by the word picador – we are not going to explain what – or grinder, in poker jargon it means something very different.

 Don’t worry, at Kelbet we tell you what he means . Keep reading and find out everything about this particular word. 

What is a grinder?

As we already told you, the definition of grinder can have more than one meaning, but in our case we are going to focus on what a poker grinder is .

In a simple way, a grinder is a person who makes poker his way of life . When someone has a job, he knows that he has to spend several hours a day and also improve and be productive with what he does. The same thing happens with poker. Grinders or rounders generally try to play regularly and with some caution to ensure a salary at the end of the month. Therefore, these are the main game features of a grinder :

– Low risk : The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthese players is to have an amount at the end of the month, so they follow a strategy in which they do not run high risks. They prefer to bet on safe plays even if the amounts are smaller. On many occasions, these poker strategists play at tables of a lower level than theirs since they prefer to earn less but go for sure.

– Slow winnings : obviously what you win will depend on what you bet, but what we mean is that the intention of this type of player is to win small boats consistently and not risk everything for a large amount of money. The goal is to win bigger and bigger boats, but gradually.

– Multimesa : If for rounders poker is a job, more tables equal more projects. More tables imply more hands, and taking into account that they do not run much risk, in general they will also imply greater profits.

We reveal your tricks

When you sit at a table, can you tell if there is a grinder among your opponents?  You should consider that this type of player is a specialist, a professional . Anyone can not be a rounder.

The rounders have played poker for a long time and have studied and analyzed the reason for their game. A grinder will make you feel confident and think that he is a little man who just sat down for the first time to play a game of poker.

Probably if you have been playing for some time or have already gone to higher level tables or the best poker tournaments , you will have encountered this type of player. Someone who is silent throughout the game and suddenly jumps, bet all because he has a great play, collect all his chips and say “good night”. Although there is no exact rounder definition, it could be said to be a typical behavior.

Keep in mind that these players know exactly what they do and why they do it. Rounders always take advantage of the opportunities they have to win and even the best can fall against them if they don’t know who they are facing.

How to play against a grinder?

First of all, alert .

You always have to monitor the movements and moves of the other players at the table, but with the rounders even more. If you are also a poker professional, you may already know how to recognize them, but if not, be careful.

– An option when playing against this type of rival may be to act like him . If he is safe, you too. Do not rush to do all-in if you do not have them all with you and do not trust.

– In addition, you know that you will be safe, so there will be certain moves you can win without problem. An example is blind theft. If you raise your bet a lot in the preflop and he is not sure whether to play or not, it will not be surprising if he decides not to continue playing. Take advantage that you will not take a risk and be ready in the planning of your game.

– Don’t let him know your tactics . Do not always be safe or risk too much. If he does not know how you are going to act, he will feel lost and his nerves and insecurity will prevent him from winning you.

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