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The lack of good sportsmanship is, unfortunately, something that we often find in all kinds of sports and games, in general in any situation where there is some kind of competition. The Poker is a highly competitive game , so could not miss the losers bad .

If you are a player, professional or recreation, you must have found at least a couple of people who fall into this category, either online poker or live tables. However, in this technological age, players who are bad losers tend to express themselves more freely due to the convenience of hiding behind a screen name . We know that this is just an act of cowardice and we probably sometimes feel the need to understand why they react like this.

But if you like being part of the world of online poker you should be clear that there will always be bad losers who seek to affect your game through insults and teasing .

To find out how to deal with the different types of players who are bad losers, read on .

Top Worst Losers in Poker

Here are some stories and videos of bad losers in this popular card games.

Phil Hellmuth

He is undoubtedly one of the best players  ( with 13 World Series bracelets ) but he is also known for being one of the worst losers of poker , in fact we believe he perfectly occupies the first place on our list. This 50-year-old “Poker Brat” has shown in hundreds of opportunities that he doesn’t like to accept his losses .

As you will see the videos below, Phil Hellmuth is really a bad loser:

In this next video we can see how this famous player goes crazy and begins to curse after losing.

In the following video we can see how Phil Hellmuth gets upset when he loses against a player he considers inferior to him.

Daniel Negreanu

Known as the “Kid Poker” and with 6 World Series bracelets , this renowned player is usually challenging but with some good manners although he likes to say what he thinks even at the cost of making enemies . Here we show you a video where it shows a bit unfriendly and rude after losing.

Tony Guoga

Better known as Tony G, he is a professional player of this card game that has shown himself quite rude on several occasions, when he loses he goes crazy but when he wins he gets arrogance to his head.

In this video we can see Tony G being rude and arrogant with the players who were losing, that only shows that he is afraid of defeat and therefore make others feel inferior.

Tobey Maguire

The famous Hollywood actor, Tobey Maguire, is also one of the worst losers in poker . Molly Bloom is a former cocktail waitress who became a poker host to Hollywood stars. She organized exclusive tournaments where celebrities such as Ben Affleck, Leonardo Di Caprio, the Olsen twins, among others participated.

After several games, Molly declared that Maguire was a great player but, without a doubt, the worst loser of the table . On one occasion, the actor humiliated Bloom in front of everyone when, out loud, he offered her a $ 1000 chip if she started doing like a seal. When Bloom did not answer, the actor began to ask if she was very rich and did not need the money. Maguire kept losing and every time someone gave a “tip” to the croupier, the actor made fun of him . A very childish and immature attitude for the famous Spider-Man actor.

Of course, just as we have our list of people who don’t know how to behave when they lose a game, we have a totally opposite list in our article dedicated to  The Best Poker Players in History .

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