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If you already master Texas Hold’em and have notions of other poker modalities, this article interests you .

Although the best-known HORSE game is the annual World Series of Poker tournament , you can also make your own tournament in your living room.

If you want to know how to play poker horse and the rules of the game, don’t worry, we will tell you.

What is poker horse?

HORSE poker more than a type of poker is a combination of 5 variants:

  • H old’em
  • O maha Hi-Lo
  • R azz  (Seven Card Stud Low)
  • S tud (Seven Card Stud High)
  • E ight or better (Seven Card Stud High-Low)

This type of poker requires having knowledge and skills of all variants , because if you are a pro player in 3 of them but in the other two you are lost, it will be of little use.

Before entering the rules of poker HORSE it is important that you first know the rules of the game of each modality.

Texas Hold’em

It is the best known and practiced poker modality . In general, and if the poker type is not specified, we will be referring to it.

Two covered cards are dealt to each player and five community cards are raised in the center of the table. First 3 (flop) will rise, then the fourth (turn) and then the fifth (river). Through four rounds of betting, players must make the best possible hand using a total of five cards, choosing between the two they have and the five community. If you still do not know the type of plays that exist or the value they have, we recommend that before continuing with the article you review the ABC of poker .

Omaha Hi-Lo

Omaha is a variation of Texas Hold’em so the rules of the game are very similar. The structure is practically the same and the moves that can be made are the same.

There are still 5 community cards. The main difference is that 4 cards are dealt to each player instead of 2. In addition, although the moves are the same as in the Hold’em, to make these the players will have to use 2 cards of the 4 that have been required. distributed and 3 of the five community.

Stud poker

Stud is a type of poker that refers to different game variants. The main difference between Texas Hold’em / Omaha and Stud is the way in which the cards are dealt.

In the Stud there are no community cards. Each player has 7 cards among which there are some visible and some hidden for the rest of the players at the table. The way to distribute the cards is as follows:

  • Round 1 or third street: 1 visible and 2 hidden cards
  • Round 2 or fourth street: 1 letter visible
  • Round 3 or fifth street: 1 visible card
  • Round 4 or 6th street: 1 visible card
  • Round 5 or seventh street: 1 hidden letter

In each round there will be the corresponding bets in which the players will decide to go, pass or retire.

Another difference is that instead of blind, there will be before, that is, each player must make a minimum bet or bring in if he wants to participate in the round. In the first two rounds all bets must be at least equal when bringing in and in the last three, they will normally have to be equal to the high limit.

Within the Stud, the three best known variants and those that interest us as they are part of the HORSE, are the Razz, the Stud and the Eight.

Razz or Seven Card Stud Low

It’s about getting the lowest play . Stairs and colors are excluded from the Razz, and the Ace is the lowest card. Therefore, the best hand (for being the least worthy) is As, 2, 3, 4, 5.

In the razz start talking and paying the bring in  the player with the highest discovered card. In the second round and in all subsequent ones, it will be the player with the worst visible hand – the strongest – the first to pass, bet or withdraw.

The lowest hand wins the pot.


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