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Betway How many sports betting sites or online casinos do you know? Surely the first thing that comes to mind is “many.” And yes, you may know or know about the existence of a large number of sites where you can bet on the internet, but you are not even close to knowing the entire market.

The world of online gambling grows exponentially day by day. The 21st century has meant the consolidation of online casinos , gaining ground to traditional or physical casinos.

And it was not for less, because online betting sites made life easier for the gambler, who can play from the comfort of their homes without having to go to a physical casino.

From an online casino you can enjoy the same games of chance that are in traditional casinos.

Currently there are exclusive online casinos for gambling and other special betting sites for those who love sports and sports betting, while others, more ambitious, seek to mix the two things.

One of those betting sites that offers an online casino with gambling and a sports betting section is the renowned Betway website , a betting site that quickly positioned itself among the best.

Do you know everything about Betway? Well, this time we will review this online casino, exposing everything that a gambler should care when determining whether to play there is worth it or not.

To do the Betway analysis we take everything related to: page design, quality and quantity of gambling, bonuses and promotions, sports betting, customer service, payment and withdrawal methods, among others.

So, without further ado, we will start talking about the online casino and sports betting house Betway.

A bit of the history of Betway

Before entering the functionality of Betway, we will know a little of its history to understand how it became one of the most recognized sites worldwide.

Betway has been in operation since 2005 , it started working with online gambling just as the internet gambling market began to gain fame. He knew how to take advantage of the wave.

Part of Betway’s success is due in large part to its platform, both on the website and on gambling and sports betting, all developed by Microgaming, the number one company in the world of betting.

Betway has a prestige thanks to its faultless trajectory, this has allowed it to be the main sponsor of the West Ham United football team of the Premier League of England.

Betway Security

When we talk about gambling we deal with fun and passion, but also with money, a lot of money. Currently, the gaming industry is the one that has grown the most in recent years.

For this reason, players will always want to bet on reliable betting sites that have high-level security standards.

In the case of Betway we find that it operates with a license granted by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) of Malta , one of the most respected and safe organizations in terms of licenses for online casinos or sports betting houses.

On the other hand, Betway has the seal and is supervised by eCogra , an international organization that is responsible for ensuring responsible and safe gambling on online betting sites.

Betway page layout

Let’s talk a little about how Betway works, especially about its appearance or design, that is, the first impression that the player will take when opening the betting site.

We immediately see how Betway’s website is responsive, that is, that it has been adapted to work excellently on computers and also on mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones. This does not go unnoticed since the increase in mobile devices in the world has been increasing.

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